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wood floor cleaning process


Our innovative roof cleaning services, utilizing the eco pressure washing method, provide you with a unique opportunity not only to preserve the beauty and integrity of your home but to do so in the safest and most sustainable manner. This method combines the effectiveness of traditional high-pressure washing with environmental responsibility, minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment.

Roof Cleaning


Advantages of Eco Pressure Washing:Environmental Safety: By using water and eco-friendly cleaning agents, we significantly reduce the harmful impact on the environment while maintaining high cleaning efficiency.Water Conservation: Specialized pressure washing equipment allows for less water use compared to traditional cleaning methods, contributing to the conservation of natural resources.Extended Roof Life: A gentle approach and the absence of harsh chemicals help preserve the structural integrity of the roof, extending its lifespan by 5 years more than traditional cleaning methods.Health and Well-being Improvement: Removing mold, fungi, and harmful bacteria from the roof's surface not only improves its appearance but also creates a healthier and safer environment for your family.Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal and Property Value: A clean and well-maintained roof enhances the appearance of your home, increasing its market value and attractiveness to potential buyers.

Reviews about us firsthand:

Sarah Johnson (Wellington)

review from our client who received high pressure washing service

"After years of battling moss on my roof, I finally called "ECO Pressure washing" for help, and I'm so glad I did. Their team was professional, used eco-friendly methods, and truly transformed my roof. It went from mossy and old to looking brand new. I'm thrilled with the results and highly recommend their services to anyone facing similar issues. A big thanks to the team for their excellent work!"

Michael Thompson ( Boca-Raton)

review from our client who received high pressure washing service

"After struggling with allergies for years, I was always apprehensive about getting my house cleaned. Past experiences with other companies often left me itching and struggling to breathe, making the process more stressful than it was worth. However, after a friend recommended "ECO Pressure washing", I decided to give it one last try, and I'm beyond glad I did.

The team at "ECO Pressure washing" used eco-friendly cleaning solutions that were tough on dirt but gentle on my allergies. For the first time in years, I watched my house transform without any of the dreaded allergic reactions. Post-cleaning, I was in shock; no itching, no difficulty breathing—just a beautifully clean home that felt safe and comfortable.

I cannot overstate the relief and satisfaction I feel, thanks to "ECO Pressure washing". Their attention to detail and consideration for health concerns like mine have made me a loyal customer. If you have allergies and need your home cleaned, do yourself a favor and call these guys. You won't regret it.

Emily Rodriguez ( Lake Warth)

review from our client who received high pressure washing service

"As a co-owner of a charming oceanfront restaurant in Lake Worth, Florida, maintaining a pristine appearance while ensuring the safety of our guests is paramount. Given our beautiful but challenging location, battling mold and moss is a constant. Hesitant to use just any cleaning service due to concerns over chemical safety, we invited "ECO Pressure washing" to tackle our roof and veranda, emphasizing the need for approved, safe cleaning solutions.

The team not only respected our requests but exceeded our expectations. They used eco-friendly, safe chemicals, ensuring our restaurant remained a secure environment for our guests. The transformation was remarkable - our outdoor spaces now invite with renewed allure, free from the grip of mold and moss, without compromising the health of our patrons.

I'm deeply grateful for "ECO Pressure washing" professionalism and care. Their service has not only rejuvenated our restaurant's appearance but also reinforced our commitment to guest safety. We look forward to an ongoing partnership, ensuring our restaurant remains a welcoming, clean, and safe haven by the ocean.

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